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Basic Tyre Knowledge

Runflat Tyre

YOKOHAMA runflat tyres can be driven on at zero pressure

YOKOHAMA Kas deYeloped self-supporting =.P.S (=ero Pressure System) brand runsat tyres exclusively constructed and contoured to simultaneously realize reassuring handling, comfort and performance as well as runsat capabilities. The tyres also provide ample mobility to enable a driver to keep on driving for a certain distance at a reduced speed after inflation pressure loss.


Cross-section of a tyre at zero pressure (Image)

Important notice about use of runflat tyres

  • A vehicle must be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system.
    • A YeKicle must be rtted witK a tyre pressure monitoring system to warn tKe driYer of air leaNage wKen a runsat tyre needs repair.
  • After a low pressure warning has been indicated:
    • Do not exceed 80km/h (50 mph).
    • Do not travel more than 80km (50 miles).
    • Do not re-insate after runsat operation and do not repair.



1. Enhanced safety
Runsat tyres can operate for a specired distance at a specired speed eYen after a total loss of air pressure (up to 80km/h for up to 80km at 0kpa under ordinary conditions). A driver can thereby continue travelling safety without compromising handling even when these tyres are totally desated.


2. Peace-of-mind in an emergency
You can drive to a safe place to change tKese tyres wKen tKey are totally desated.

3. No need for a spare tyre means more cabin space
Eliminating the need for a spare tyre means more space in the cabin interior and less overall vehicle weight. This contributes to enYironmental performance, particularly in terms of resource conservation and increased fuel efficiency.